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It's much more fun to be ugly.


Aquamarine in the front & Blue in the back 👽#SeaSick

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You can tell a lot about a person from what they listen to. Rules are: list the first ten songs on shuffle, no skipping. Pass it on to 10 other people.
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1. Whip My Hair- Willow Smith

2. One - Mary J. Blige ft U2

3. Lose Control- Missy Elliot ft Ciara and fat man scoop

1.Phony Ppl- Cop Scame

2. EFX feat. Kelela- Teengirl Fantasy

3. Frank Ocean- Strawberry Swing

4. Jazmine Sullivan- Don’t Make Me Wait

5. Crystal Kay- I Know

6. Solange ft. Lil Wayne- Champagne Chronic Nightcap

7. Little Dragon- Constant Surprises

8. Janelle Monae- Party Girl

9. Robin Thicke- The Stupid Things

10. Andre 3000- We Want Your Soul (from Class of 3000)

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1. Nicki Minaj ft Lil Herb- Chiraq
2. Utada Hikaru- Final Distance (M-Flo remix)
3. Kid Cudi- Girls
4. Usher ft Juicy J- I Don’t Mind
5. Omi- Cheerleader (Ricky Blaze mix)
6. Migos- Freak No More
7. Chaka Demus- Murder She Wrote
8. Marina And The Diamonds - Teen Idle
9. Solange- Cash In
10. Passinho do Volante- Ah Lelek Lek Lek


"i like women."


"wait..just women? strictly women??"


"no..women and pineapples???? wtf."

i’ve never been this open and comfortable with someone of the opposite sex…literally never…it’s actually scary to think about. like he’s seen me in so many ugly forms, my nigga 💀/👽 and yet he still wants to kiss me 😢 … i sent him a glide of me brushing my teeth first thing this morning, bruh! … who tf am i becoming 😓

My OCD says if I grab one butt cheek, I also have to grab the other.

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“i see you”


1. when a black person has deducted the reasoning behind your scheme

2. when a black person rationalizes your reasoning. 

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3. When a black person wants you to know that they’re impressed by your.. Style, job, car you drive, project you’re working on, etc, etc

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No fleek zone #912
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Pray for all those girls with TBS


TBS: Tiny Booty Syndrome

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